Block #Twitter Advertisers Until Stacy McCain Account Is Restored…

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Block #Twitter Advertisers Until Stacy McCain Account Is Restored…
This will keep #happening until there’s nobody left. The #truth is that I’m the one who brought McCain into #GamerGate. He was fighting #Feminism and #SJWs prior to GG and I kept nagging him about our fight and how it was related to his. Until he finally turned his attention to Sarkeesian last year. So I recommend that when you see companies advertising on twitter, just block them and send a message like this (and retweet them). It’s even easy than emails: “I boycott companies who advertise on twitter until Stacy McCain’s account is restored. #freestacy” This is straight out of our playbook. Maybe people are finally learning how to hit these fuckers. Submitted by BlackBetty to GamerGate | 0 comments

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